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Where can I find the suitcase customization manufacturer?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
In 1980s, the suitcase was out of a little war story in New York, America, and now the suitcase is generally shuttling through the crowd. Suitcases are boxes with handles. The materials of suitcases are generally made of PC, leather, wood and plastic. However, today's suitcases are generally made of aluminum alloy, which is strong and high-grade and is often used for carrying money. With the prosperity of the luggage market, the types of luggage are getting worse and worse. Suitcases are no longer widely used, but more focused on the construction of aluminum alloy suitcases. Since it is rarely used, where should the aluminum alloy suitcase customization manufacturer look? Recently, Xilong luggage factory has newly developed a small aluminum alloy suitcase. The box is all wrapped in aluminum alloy, with a base to separate ground dust, while the main floor is equipped with shockproof elastic balls inside, which do not directly impact the box surface, let the items be stored safely; The front frame is also equipped with a carry-on bag to place articles for daily use. The periphery uses aluminum frame to add classic code lock, which protects articles safely and effectively. Xilong luggage has been dedicated to the customization of luggage for 12 years, and the production, design and development of one-stop service. If there is more desired luggage design, we are willing to provide you with one-stop service and lifetime warranty.
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