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Where can I find customized car luggage?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
The Rob report, which has been in the United States for nearly 30 years and in China for 6 years, published a luxury report on Chinese audiences in 2013. The report shows that nearly 80% of the interviewees choose low-key luxury goods. Judging from the ranking of brand influence, luxury boxes and bags and car brands have far-reaching influence on China's high-end consumer groups. Liu Jiang, president of fashion media group, said that with the deepening of luxury goods in the Chinese market, the consumption habits of high-end people have gone through a cooling process, and the concept of rational consumption is gaining popularity, they pay more attention to choosing mature brands that are in line with their own temperament. Therefore, the automobile industry has also changed the choice of luggage and gifts for China's high-end consumer groups. For example, BMW I8 chose Louis, a low-key and luxurious one, in 2014. Vuitton leather goods cooperate with and customize a series of special aviation carbon fiber bags and gifts, which are used to set off the strong, light, delicate and avant-garde image of BMW i8. However, it is a pity that the front of the BMW is the brand logo of the Louis bag, not the BMW logo, which can only be equal to the gift, and cannot achieve long-term brand promotion effect. The middle and high-end groups of BYD cars choose private enterprises that are close to the people- Xilong luggage customization manufacturers all use strong and wear-resistant nylon material to customize practical travel bags, suitcases and business backpacks for BYD cars all the year round, and adopt the same series of design styles to create the characteristic image of the enterprise, printing enterprise brands to promote enterprise brands for a long time, and controlling enterprise gift budget at a low cost is a practical customized car luggage. Where can I find customized car bags? Custom Car bags can choose elegant and low-key Louis. Vuitton, you can also choose the local Xilong luggage manufacturer. According to the brand image of the enterprise, the automobile luggage can be customized to choose the luggage brand with the same temperament as itself. If it is an enterprise to achieve brand promotion, it can directly choose Xilong luggage, let it be customized for you to plan and create car bags and gifts with exclusive corporate characteristics and image.
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