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Where can I find a luggage factory?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Luggage is more at the entrance and exit of each plane. At the beginning and end of each long vacation, the boom of each luggage case is always a sign of long vacation, such as the 11th long vacation, winter and summer vacation, therefore, many promotional activities and business activities also lock the luggage as a gift, but China's four major luggage bases, large and small, true and false luggage factories, where to find the luggage factory? 1. Have formal business qualifications and factory places, large and small luggage factories, large to listed companies, small to small luggage workshops. If you want to customize the luggage case, even the low-end ones are of high cost and high consumption, so the choice of luggage factory should be approved by the business license, and the luggage factory should be inspected on the spot, to pick the trunk factory you want. 2. With a strong cooperation case, the scale of the factory is actually not enough to show his ability range. Presumably, every capable luggage factory will have some customers to support it all the year round, only in this way can the relative relationship become a high-quality luggage factory. The luggage business like Xilong luggage has always been supported by Lexus and BYD in the automobile industry all the year round, making gifts for them in the peak season of automobile promotion every year. On-the-spot investigation and witness of examples, simple and accurate selection of reliable luggage factories, if you want to customize a batch of influential luggage, it is recommended to choose the luggage customization service of Xilong luggage, it can not only achieve the effect of gifts, but also push the brand image of the enterprise.
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