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Where can I find a custom portable traveling bag?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
At present, many travel agencies and enterprises are willing to give away travel bags. The main purpose of customizing travel bags is to unify the uniforms of tour groups and facilitate the identification of tour group members; It is to promote the brand of the Enterprise team through the travel of the enterprise group. Like corporate groups, travel bag customization is mass customization, where to find mass customization of portable travel bags? Do a good job in customizing brand travel bags, the most important thing is not to smash your own brand, so the quality of portable travel bags should be strictly controlled. The commonly used materials for portable travel bags are'Nylon'And'Cordura'Two kinds. Nylon cloth is light in quality, does not absorb moisture and mold, dries quickly and has good strength; The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and afraid of fire. Cordura cloth is also a kind of synthetic nylon cloth, but it has better wear resistance and strength than nylon, and also does not absorb moisture, mold and stick snowflakes and dries quickly, but it is slightly heavier than nylon. Custom portable travel bags are most afraid of choosing small workshops and factories. Choosing a small workshop to customize a travel bag is first afraid of the quality, and second is the inability to customize the brand logo, thus losing the personalized significance of mass customization of portable travel bags. Where can I find a custom portable traveling bag? Xilong luggage is a professional custom travel bag, which is specially designed for you. We are committed to becoming the leading brand of luggage customization, focusing on luggage customization for more than ten years. We have successively served Alishan cigarettes, Sinopec, Ganji, Baidu and other major brands, and are a trustworthy travel bag manufacturer!
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