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Where can I find a custom-made waterproof backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
The backpack is out, it is inevitable to lose face; Either layers of dust, or wet bag body, and wet bag body is the most difficult to solve, especially the Enterprise travel, carrying the enterprise backpack propaganda but wet bag, lost the Enterprise'Face', How many enterprises were'Affordable' However, I was carried away and ended up with a pit. If you are conscious or you are looking for it, find out where there is a custom-made waterproof backpack? Waterproof backpack is the material processing, the original material into the waterproof membrane surface, so that the backpack has a dustproof and waterproof effect, and the ancient nylon backpack is the use of such a process; In recent years, Xilong luggage and DuPont company have developed a'DuPont Protection Technology', With'Waterproof','Dustproof','Oil proof' Three major preventive effects, so that outdoor activities no longer worry, but also protect the items in the bag from environmental impact and damage. Xilong luggage is set'Design and Development''Sales documentary'And'Production and Processing' Professional luggage custom manufacturers, long-term service for Coca-Cola, TCL, CNOOC and other enterprises business activities, promotional activities and employee welfare luggage gifts custom, more TCL electronic products provide computer bags, inner bags and other protective luggage crafts.
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