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Where can I customize the kit in Xiamen? To be professional and reliable

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
Where can I customize the kit in Xiamen? To be professional and reliable. When it comes to custom-made toolkits, this is a relatively professional technical activity, so we must find the right person to make a professional and practical tool kit. We have been engaged in luggage customization for 11 years, often for various enterprises, such as electronics industry, medical industry, postal industry, telecommunications industry, beauty and hairdressing industry--- And so on to order their own tool kits, we have fine workmanship, choose materials to bear, very wear-resistant, and breathable, to provide customers with one-on-one door-to-door service, can plan and design styles for customers free of charge, free proofing. In order to facilitate contact with customers, we have set up a marketing center, which is located in the center of China's prosperous special economic zone. 'Xiamen Luohu District' The surrounding subways and buses are very convenient. The marketing center has also set up an independent sample room to facilitate customers to visit and select samples. In recent years, many enterprises have embarked on a professional route, so more and more people have customized their own toolkits. Recently, we have also made a batch of toolkits, which are specially customized for an electronic technology industry, we received orders online and made offline transactions. Let me briefly introduce this kit to you: this kit: The size is 37*26*22 CM, the main material is 1680D Oxford cloth, which is made of high-grade, wear-resistant and not easy to wrinkle. It is the preferred material for high-grade tool kits. The surface is easy to take care of. Dust stains can be treated by wiping with a wet cloth. The internal structure is equipped with a functional area to install a printer, and the front pocket is equipped with a slide pocket to hold small accessories. The whole bag body is protected by shock-proof cotton. The shoulder straps and the stressed parts will adopt jujube reinforcement technology to ensure safety protection. Dear friends, if you need to customize the kit recently, please call Xilong, the national unified toll-free hotline: 400-0061- 690 more luggage topics'Sweep and pay attention'
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