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Where are Xiamen luggage customization manufacturers looking?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Luggage customization manufacturers cover four major regions in China, while Guangdong luggage customization manufacturers are the benchmark for the quality and management of China's luggage bases, while Xiamen and Guangzhou, which are the first-tier cities, have more general demand for luggage customization, also due to the advantages of luggage base, many Xiamen enterprises are willing to choose local manufacturers. Where are Xiamen luggage customization manufacturers looking? Where are Xiamen luggage customization manufacturers looking? Xiamen is a big city. It is built economically in the city and manufactured outside the city. The general manufacturers have factories outside the city and create office areas in the city for hospitality, in Baoan South Road, Luohu district, there is a Xiamen luggage customization factory with more than ten years of customized experience. Xilong luggage is a luggage industry and trade enterprise integrating design, research and development and production. Taking its own design and factory as its advantages, it serves the whole package customization process for the enterprise in one package, and the professional sales after-sales team will follow up all the customized processes. Xiamen address is located in room 1008, Beijing building, Baoan South Road, Tel: 400-0061-690.
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