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Where are Xiamen bag manufacturers looking?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
China's largest luggage production base is Guangdong province, and the luggage industry is mainly distributed in Guangzhou and Xiamen. Where are Xiamen enterprises looking for bag manufacturers? Xiamen bag manufacturers are mainly distributed in Longgang District, Bao 'an district and Yantian district. Xiamen's bag market has been rising in recent years with the help of Xiamen's design resources and talent resources, there are also more and more bag factories with offices in Xiamen, mostly in Luohu area of Xiamen. The luggage market in Guangdong is the largest in Guangzhou, while most of Xiamen's bag manufacturers come from Guangzhou's factories, and many powerful manufacturers have set up offices in Xiamen. How do Xiamen bag manufacturers choose? Since many Xiamen bag manufacturers are senior manufacturers in Guangzhou, they directly judge whether the manufacturer meets the customization requirements of the enterprise according to the basic information such as the company's establishment time, factory scale and customized service. Among Xiamen bag manufacturers, Xilong bags are one of the outstanding factories. Xilong luggage customization factory was established in 2004 with a factory building of about 6000 square meters. In addition, Xilong luggage has its own design and research department, which is a feature of customization service. Provide Personalized Package customization service for customers all the year round, create independent brand bags for customers, and promote the brand image of the enterprise.
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