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Where are Xiamen backpack manufacturers looking?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
Backpack is a fashion trend. It not only gets attention on the storage function, but also is a popular fashion product on the matching of accessories. In the view of enterprises, because of the practicality of backpacks, they have great marketing in business activities and customer gifts, and have a great brand promotion effect on enterprises, so that more and more enterprises are looking for backpack manufacturers to customize. Where are Xiamen backpack manufacturers looking? Guangdong is one of the four major luggage bases in China. Xiamen, as a first-tier city, is naturally not far away. There are still many powerful luggage customization manufacturers in Xiamen. For example, the marketing department Xilong luggage manufacturer located in Xiamen has its own factory building, luggage design and development department and marketing department, and operates the whole customization process independently. Set up a marketing department in Xiamen to facilitate reception and access to various regions, and the factory is located in Dongguan, the strongest luggage base in China. Now they have 12 years of customization experience and have cooperated with 3200 enterprises for a long time to provide various luggage styles for business activities and welfare products of enterprises. Backpacks are their main feature.
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