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What types of customized photography bags do you have?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
The use of camera bags was only possessed by professional photographers in the early days, but in today's prosperous era of science and technology and vigorous travel activities, the camera bag is a photography that every individual, family and enterprise who owns photography will use. 'Protection Package'. What are the specific types of camera bags? 1. Waist camera bag camera bag is used in daily carrying cameras, and small waist camera bag is used to store small cameras (Such as DC camera size) And small pieces of camera equipment, easy to carry in daily shopping and simple travel, simple and practical. 2. One-shoulder camera bag for traveling and some simple outdoor work, choose the professional loading equipment of one-shoulder camera bag, and orderly classify and store the equipment. In the travel, one-shoulder camera bag belongs to the medium storage function, A mobile camera bag. 3. Double-shoulder camera bag the double-shoulder camera bag is a professional and comprehensive camera bag. Apart from satisfying the function of the camera bag in appearance, the main feature is the comprehensiveness of the storage function. General photography backpack will implement'Full Open opening'And'Semi-open Opening', The two openings are different in functional design. 'Full Open opening' The camera bag will divide the sponge board into small storage places to store the disassembly equipment and small spare parts of the camera; And'Semi-open Opening'It is a professional camera package designed as a large storage layer. Both of them have strong storage space, and the best shoulder camera bag is to store every position on the backpack. The choice of camera bag is mainly determined according to the usual usage habits and storage requirements. If you want to use the best camera bag, you can choose Xilong luggage to customize a special camera bag, xilong bags can provide customized service for group bags.
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