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What types of custom outdoor backpacks are available?

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Many families in China are already well-off, and their requirements for life have also increased. Outdoor sports have gradually become a national sport. The frequency of outdoor sports has also led to the diversification of products in the outdoor backpack market. Here are some classifications of outdoor backpacks, and I hope you can understand some knowledge of outdoor backpacks. Outdoor backpacks are classified as riding bags, mountaineering bags and traveling bags according to activities, and are classified as camera bags, fishing bags and tennis bags according to tools. Outdoor backpack riding bag, mountaineering bag and photography bag are the most frequently used outdoor bags. Today, we will focus on these four outdoor backpacks and customized choices. Cycling bag cycling bag is developed and built for cycling enthusiasts. A good cycling bag is customized. From a large aspect, it is a scientific carrying system, loading system, fabric selection, breathable and perspiration design, it must be possessed. From a small point of view, the choice of riding backpack accessories, water outlet of water bag, sleeping bag bin, rain cover, helmet fixing equipment, etc. are all important factors to test a riding bag. Mountaineering bag customized mountaineering bag, you can choose soft mountaineering bag, outer mountaineering bag and inner mountaineering bag. Soft mountaineering bag is the same as ordinary leisure backpack, suitable for city tourism and one-day tour of surrounding cities, with a capacity of 25-About 35L; The inner frame/outer frame is a professional mountaineering bag. The professional mountaineering bag requires some professional designs, including the isolation layer or buckle of some technical products such as helmets, mountaineering sticks and crampons, and also requires more solid and comfortable. Camera Bag camera bag, which is a professional tool backpack, is generally used by people who have cameras or love photography. The special bag for photography is designed according to the size and shape of the photographic equipment, which is used to store some equipments needed for photography. The photographic bag is customized with one-shoulder photographic bag, two-shoulder photographic bag and professional photographic luggage, among them, the shoulder camera bag is the most suitable for hiking. What types of custom outdoor backpacks are available? The choice of customized outdoor backpack is determined according to your outdoor activities. If you want to organize a bicycle trip, you will naturally choose to customize the bag; If you have a group of partners who love to climb mountains and mountains, mountaineering bags are naturally willing to match. If you travel normally, photography bags and leisure bags are customized with your choice.
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