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What toiletries should I put in the wash bag?

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
The wash bag does not use him in normal times, but cannot be separated from him on the trip. Maybe some friends will use the disposable toiletries prepared by the hotel or the chopsticks outside on the trip. After all, they still use their own toiletries for environmental protection and safety, from a large aspect for the environment. What toiletries should we put in our wash bags when we travel and travel on weekdays? The wash bag is small but can accommodate a full set of toiletries: 1. When the folding Cup travels outside, there is no lack of exercise. Of course, the water should be prepared at all times, and the wash bag can also store our cups, but it is the current folding Cup, help you solve the problem easily when you are in the hotel or outside. Generally, the folding Cup is two centimeters high, which is convenient to hide in any small corner of the suitcase, and can also be stored in the wash bag for easy access. 2. The small bag of daily toiletries can accommodate several kinds of daily necessities. What we need to bring daily is shampoo, shower gel, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste. In winter, we must not forget the hand cream, in normal times, there should be no less moisturizing lotion. The wash bag is small and easy to wear, but it is a good partner in the travel. 3. Convenient tableware, food is the most important thing for the people, chopsticks and spoons outside the Chinese are indispensable, especially when they go abroad, they have not adapted for a few days. Therefore, folding chopsticks and spoons can be stored in the wash bag, and can be stored in the carefully classified slot buckle in the wash bag, which does not occupy much storage space in the bag at all. In addition, we need to bring a little toilet water to prevent mosquito bites during the trip; Band-Aid can be taken with you to prevent inflammation of small wounds. These are all small travel medicines that can be packed into a wash bag and taken away.
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