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What supplies do you need to prepare for a business trip?

by:Xilong      2020-04-08
' Reading thousands of books is better than traveling thousands of miles' It has always been a yearning free life. With the rapid development of society, cross-regional, cross-provincial and even cross-border transactions have been rampant. For white-collar workers, business travel has become a common occurrence. Today, in the face of the first time to welcome the first business trip, we also share the experience of business trips, to see what supplies need to be prepared for business trips? First of all, the wash bag is necessary for travel. He can manage your toiletries, which is fast, convenient, clean and safe. Some of the following supplies are decided according to the travel distance. 1. Short-distance travel, boys and girls, short-distance travel is 1- In 2 days, only one backpack is needed to complete the trip. The items to be carried in the backpack generally include notebook computers, ipad computers and mobile phone charging cables (Charging Treasure) , Wallet, a set of washing clothes and washing bags, simply complete the travel. 2. The general time for medium and long distance travel is 2- 4 days, it may be within the province or outside the province, so we have to choose 18- 20-inch luggage case, carrying ID card, notebook computer, ipad computer, mobile phone charging cable (Charging Treasure) , Wallet, two sets of laundry, backpack and wash bag. Changing clothes is to prevent weather conditions, while backpacks are convenient and practical to see customers or travel activities. 3. Long-distance travel the longest time for long-distance travel is one week, and the things to be carried are almost connected with the usual living habits, so the luggage carried this time is more than 22 luggage case, 3- 4 sets of washing clothes, laptop, charging treasure, wallet, ID card, backpack and wash bag, wash bag should remember to carry cleansing milk and other toiletries, and carry some drugs (Cold medicine, Huanglian Shangqing tablets, Band-Aid)To avoid small symptoms caused by unaccustomed foreign land.
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