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What size is suitable for the National Day travel luggage

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
Although the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday has ended, the seven-day National Day holiday is about to open. The National Day golden week is a golden time for going out to play. Many people will go out to play during the holiday. When it comes to vacation trips, an indispensable piece of equipment is a suitcase with a suitable capacity. So, what size is the right luggage for the National Day? Let's listen to what Xilong luggage manufacturers say. National day travel, play time can be long or short, if the play time is 2- For 5 days, it is recommended to choose a 20-inch suitcase, and a 20-inch suitcase can generally hold clothes for spring and autumn- 6 sets, plus some toiletries, and the 20-inch suitcase size does not exceed the relevant regulations of the airline. If you fly, you don't need to check in, you can board the plane directly, which is very convenient. If the play time is 3- For 7 days, it is recommended to choose 22 or 24-inch luggage. These two sizes of luggage have larger capacity. If you need to carry luggage or buy more items for your journey, you can choose a bigger suitcase. If you want to play lightly, in fact, a 20-inch suitcase is enough. The key depends on what everyone's needs are. It is worth noting that 22-inch and above, including 22-inch suitcases, are not allowed to board the plane directly and need to go through the check-in formalities. For travelers who make planes, this should be paid attention. National day travel, the right suitcase is very important for the journey to play, so as not to damage the mood of the play due to the luggage problem is not good, more luggage information, in Xilong luggage official website, welcome everyone to come to consult.
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