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What should we pay attention to when customizing students' backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
Student backpack is a big market. There are many brands of backpack on the market, and there are many kinds. How to choose the most suitable backpack for students is particularly important. What should we pay attention to when customizing students' backpacks? 1. Students' backpacks pay attention to materials. In China, every ten students, nine schoolbags often weigh more than 5 catties. At this time, students need strong backpacks. The choice of 1680D nylon material for students' backpacks is in line with students. The material is strong and light, and has waterproof effect. The average 1680D student backpack is made of double-strand fabric, which is above the average, but it does not have great characteristics in style; The 600D student backpack is oxford cloth with various styles. Many students will also use canvas backpacks, because canvas backpacks pursue personalized design, generally in 190T and 210T material, but the firmness is not high. 2. The student's backpack is heavily made, and the workmanship is the craft standard of each backpack. Generally, the selection of the backpack should be accurate to whether the corner line on the backpack is jumper or off-line, you can use a slight pull to test whether the seam is tight; Then there is the shoulder strap technology of the backpack, which is the focus of the student's backpack. We need to check whether the shoulder seam of the shoulder strap is tight, whether the shoulder strap is in the back frame of the bag, and the back seam of the car in the back frame of the bag ensures the weight of the shoulder strap. School unified Backpack organization Travel 3. The carrying system of student's backpack the student's backpack is generally used as a schoolbag. The things in the schoolbag are often a large number of books, which are not only compressed but also breathable, A good backpack carrying system can reduce the burden on children. The carrying system of the ordinary backpack is to add grid material or diving material to the shoulder strap to separate the direct contact between the backpack and the body, reduce the weight of the backpack, and play the role of shoulder ventilation. In addition to the breathable shoulder straps, the high-quality backpack carrying system also uses Pearl cotton to make a breathable plate at the waist, so that the shoulders can be in the best relaxed state and also play a role in preventing hunchback, it is conducive to the healthy growth of children.
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