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What should we pay attention to when customizing shoulder bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
Personalized customization of luggage is becoming more and more common and popular. It can even be said to lead the trend of the times. Nowadays, people's consumption concept has changed, and the demand for bags and suitcases has not only stayed at the level of use function, but also turned to spiritual enjoyment and personalized demand other than material, this is an unstoppable development trend. The shoulder bag needs to be customized. The customized bag is unique and has a flamboyant personality, which is in line with people's pursuit of life difference and variability. Custom shoulder bags can not only design their own styles, but also play the exclusive label, but the custom shoulder bag needs to pay attention to a lot of details to ensure the quality of the bag. So, what should we pay attention to when customizing shoulder bags? First, the quality of the bag should be light, and there should be a reasonable backpack system, so that it can play the role of decompression and Ridge protection. The straps are best made of materials with super elasticity, designed according to the shoulders of the human body, and a layer of air cushion can be added to effectively reduce the burden. Second, the interior pockets of the backpack should be reasonable, and it is best to store them in sections. If the budget is high, you can also set up multi-function pockets, such as card pockets, pen pockets, cell phone pockets, etc, in this way, various items can be stored in different categories, making it easier to travel. Third, when customizing shoulder bags, you should choose better fabrics. There are many kinds of fabrics for schoolbags, including canvas, polyester, nylon, cotton, etc. Whether the fabrics are waterproof and easy to clean should be considered, it is best to choose Oxford cloth, waterproof cloth or water loose cloth as the main material. Fourth, according to the actual use, consider the size and capacity of the shoulder bag. If it is only used when going to school, the size of the schoolbag does not need to be too large to ensure light weight. If it is used when traveling, the schoolbag can be made bigger so that it can hold the daily necessities it needs. Customized shoulder bags find Xilong bags, we are a professional manufacturer of customized shoulder bags, with more than ten years of design and production experience, can help you tailor-made, is a trustworthy cooperative manufacturer!
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