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What should students pay attention to when customizing printed schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
With the increasingly fierce competition in the education industry, schools have successively set up their own marketing departments to build school brands and stabilize the education market, and the personalized customization of students' schoolbags has also become one of the school marketing methods, they will design a schoolbag style that belongs to their own school according to their school image. How can they prove that the schoolbag belongs to the school? That is to print on the school schoolbag. What should students pay attention to when customizing the printed schoolbag? 1. The choice of the material of the schoolbag the strong sense of the student's schoolbag comes from the material. The choice of the material determines the service life of the schoolbag, and the printing of the brand logo is also determined by the material. Generally, nylon, polyester, cotton, linen and canvas can all be printed. If you choose leather such as PU, you cannot achieve the printing effect. 2. The choice of school brand technology there are three common processes for printing students' schoolbags, namely silk screen printing, offset printing and embroidery. The silk screen printing process can be customized in batches, with low cost, high efficiency and fast delivery; Offset printing is a printing method that uses rubber and rubber sheets to transfer words to schoolbags. Due to the fast printing speed and relatively stable printing quality, offset printing is suitable for mass production; Embroidery, on the other hand, pays attention to the delicacy of handwork. These three crafts are determined according to the school's schoolbag style and brand image. The above two kinds should be decided according to the image of the school, the style of the schoolbag and the brand image to achieve the best effect and do the best school brand promotion.
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