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What should I pay attention to when ordering gift luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
Near the end of the year, a thoughtful welfare gift is an excellent decoration for the Spring Festival and also expresses the concern of the enterprise for its employees. A suitable welfare gift can convey warm and mellow blessings to employees and improve their sense of belonging to the enterprise. Nowadays, enterprises prefer to choose custom luggage boxes as welfare gifts. On the way home at the end of the year, luggage boxes can facilitate employees to carry daily items and let employees feel the care of the enterprise. So, what should we pay attention to when ordering gift luggage case? What should I pay attention to when ordering gift luggage case? 1. Pay attention to the production scale of the trolley case manufacturer. It is best to find a manufacturer with a large production scale. If you have the conditions, you can visit the field and understand the basic situation of the other party. This will avoid spending money to buy gas, even cheated. 2. Pay attention to the detailed customization process, discuss the details of cooperation, such as delivery date, invoice, return and other issues, and judge whether the luggage case manufacturer can really do it to avoid losses. 3. Pay attention to signing a formal contract with the luggage case manufacturer. Many details cannot be agreed on by mouth, and need to be clearly written in the contract terms. If something goes wrong, the problem can also be solved by legal means depending on the contract signed by both parties. Custom-made gift luggage case looking for Xilong luggage, we were established in 2004, is a professional luggage customization manufacturer, more than ten years focused on luggage customization, service more than 3200 business groups, it is the best choice for you to order gift luggage case!
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