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What should I pay attention to when ordering backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
Gifts are playing a more and more important role, even reaching every level of society. In recent years, the gift industry has developed in full swing. Among them, the status of gift bags in the gift industry has been continuously improved. More and more enterprises choose to order backpacks as employee gifts or promotional gifts. So, what should we pay attention to when ordering backpacks? What should I pay attention to when ordering backpacks? First, to order a backpack to determine the price of the backpack, the price of the backpack determines the quality of the backpack. Gift backpacks have better quality requirements, so they have to have enough budget. The lower the manufacturer's quotation, the worse the quality of the backpacks produced. Second, the custom backpack should pay attention to the LOGO printing. Before proofing or production, we must pay attention to the printing of LOGO and confirm the specific effect diagram. There are many kinds of LOGO processes, such as silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing, three-dimensional offset printing, embroidery, etc. Different processes have different effects. Third, the delivery date of the custom-made backpack should be agreed. When ordering backpacks, the delivery date should be agreed with the manufacturer, not just verbally, but preferably in a written contract, so as to ensure that the gifts can be distributed on time. Fourth, make a backpack to choose a factory. Different luggage manufacturers have different quality of backpacks due to different production equipment, technology, process, quality control and other aspects. Generally speaking, it is best to choose a luggage manufacturer with a long operating time. Such manufacturers have better production experience and more reliable product quality! Customized backpack looking for Xilong bags, we were founded in 2004, is operating more than ten years of first-line luggage manufacturers, main computer bags, briefcase, bag, Kit, luggage case and other luggage products, focus on luggage customization service, is the only choice for custom-made backpacks!
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