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What should I pay attention to when designing bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-21
In our daily life, luggage has become an indispensable part of us. For example, the luggage we use frequently include backpacks, satchels, briefcases, luggage cases, etc. In the process of customizing bags and bags, design is the first and most important step. Only when the design is good can proofing be carried out. So what should I pay attention to when designing bags? First, when choosing materials and bags, the first choice is to make clear what effect the bag style designed by oneself wants to achieve, and then clearly choose the materials for making bags. Because different materials, the production process and the effect of luggage can be different. Second, the size and shape, when the luggage design is out of line, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and shape of the luggage. The size determines the size of the luggage, and the shape determines the appearance of the luggage, moreover, the size indirectly reflects the quality of luggage. Third, when selecting the craft luggage design and printing, after determining the material, size and shape of the luggage, then select the luggage manufacturing process, and the manufacturing process can indirectly determine the style and route of the luggage. Fourth, the structure of the luggage, when the luggage design is out of line, after the above three points are clear, the structure and functional design of the luggage are determined, and this step is what we often say that the luggage is out of line. Five, color selection luggage design out of line after clear the above four points, and then determine the color matching problem of luggage. The color matching of luggage generally needs to pay attention to the matching of main materials, bag bottom, inner stickers, zippers and so on in front and back frames, while the color of general ingredients will be darker than that of main materials. Pay attention to the material, size, shape, process, structure and color of the bag design. If there is a custom bag, you can choose Xilong bag, xilong luggage can explain in more detail the matters needing attention and problems in the design of luggage.
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