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What should I pay attention to when customizing kindergarten schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
Nowadays, many kindergartens choose to make kindergarten schoolbags in a unified way, which leads to a more and more popular bag customization industry and more and more fierce competition. Some small factories and workshops often fight price wars to attract customers at low prices. In fact, they cut corners and reduce costs. The quality of products produced is often poor. Therefore, when choosing a cooperative manufacturer, you should think it over to avoid being cheated. Below, Xilong Xiaobian tells you some precautions about customizing kindergarten schoolbags. What should I pay attention to when customizing kindergarten schoolbags? First of all, custom-made kindergarten school bags should pay attention to the fabric used, it is best to choose healthy, environmentally friendly, breathable, no harm to the fabric. Secondly, custom-made kindergarten schoolbags should pay attention to style design, preferably with decompression and Ridge protection design and scientific carrying system, so as to minimize the burden on children. Thirdly, the price of customized kindergarten schoolbags should be paid attention to. Kindergarten schoolbags are usually replaced once a semester, so there is no need to choose products with too high a price. It is recommended to choose products with a price of about 60 or 70 yuan. We are a professional kindergarten bag customization manufacturer with more than ten years of bag design and production experience. We can design the style as required, and you are satisfied with it, it is your most assured kindergarten bag custom manufacturer.
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