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What should I choose for promotional gifts on May Day?

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
February Spring Festival March only Peach Blossom April Qingming May favorite May Day. Although the national holiday on May Day has been shortened from a seven-day long holiday to a three-day long holiday since 2013, it has not resisted the national carnival, the most carnival is the promotion of merchants. Now facing the promotion competition of enterprises in full swing, how should merchants choose the best gifts to do the most promotional activities? 1. There are people who travel to other places on the trip of local special promotional gifts, and naturally there are people who travel to us. The meaning of the trip is a place worth remembering, a souvenir that reminds memories, so, taking local characteristics as the theme, choosing your own local special gifts as promotional gifts is the biggest temptation for travelers. You, let their trip have a wonderful shopping experience, and gifts are an indispensable bridge in this. 2. The necessary supplies during the trip, using the theme of the trip to do the May Day promotion, in addition to the local gifts, it is the most practical and useful for the travel. On the trip, we need to bring rain gear, cups and daily necessities, but if we use these as gifts, it is too common for them to evoke temptation as daily necessities, the backpack that masters all the supplies on the trip is easily seduced. Although backpacks are commonly used in life, they are not only practical but also a symbol of fashion. Therefore, when a merchant chooses a backpack as a promotional gift, if he adds self-creativity to customize it, he can win the customer's love. Xilong luggage customization manufacturers can customize a unique brand logo authorized backpack at the lowest price for the creativity you want to attract customers in the promotion, let Customers remember you deeply during the trip and achieve the function of secondary consumption later.
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