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What should be paid attention to when ordering primary school students' shoulder bags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
The shoulder bag has little effect on health and is comfortable to carry. It has always been the favorite of the student party. The shoulder bag can be carried directly on the shoulder and does not need to be lifted by hand, which is very convenient. In recent years, with the rise of personalized customization of luggage, primary school students' shoulder bags have become more and more popular. Customized personalized schoolbags can not only highlight the brand image of the school, but also print the brand GOLO and slogan, which has a good publicity and promotion effect. What should be paid attention to when ordering primary school students' shoulder bags? Primary school students should first consider the problem of burden reduction, pay attention to the size and thickness of lightweight fabrics and straps. When looking for manufacturers to order primary school students' shoulder bags, they should put forward clear customization requirements to the manufacturers and design the bag straps. The straps of the schoolbag should be wide and thick. If the straps are thin, the schoolbag will feel heavy and increase the burden on children. Generally speaking, the larger the width and thickness of the backpack strap, the more comfortable it will be, which can effectively reduce the burden on children's shoulders. The school should order a high-quality shoulder bag for the children, which can make them comfortable to carry, and can also relieve their bones, and will not cause pressure on the waist and shoulders. It is very suitable for the growth of teenagers. Ordering primary school students' shoulder bags to find Xilong bags, Xilong bags was established in 2004. It is an established domestic bag customization manufacturer with many years of experience in customizing backpacks and bags. It is a top 500 enterprise bag supplier with excellent production strength, product quality is guaranteed!
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