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What should be paid attention to when customizing leisure schoolbags

by:Xilong      2020-04-10
Casual schoolbags are fashionable and practical. Whether they are going to work or traveling, they can be used. They can not only facilitate the placement of daily items, but also important decorations, which help to enhance a person's temperament. For this reason, many enterprises have been looking for luggage manufacturers to customize leisure schoolbags, print brand logo, and use it as a gift for employees, which can not only improve the enthusiasm of employees, but also play a role in publicity and promotion. What should we pay attention to when customizing casual schoolbags? 1, leisure bag customization should pay attention to the choice of fabric. The high quality of applied fabrics determines the durability of leisure schoolbags and is related to the image of enterprises. Therefore, durable and wear-resistant fabrics should be selected. 2, casual bag customization should pay attention to the design of the pocket. Whether the pocket design is reasonable or not affects the practicability of the whole backpack. Generally speaking, when designing pockets, different pockets should be designed according to the items placed. 3, casual bag customization should pay attention to the quality of the fastener, workmanship and edge feel, especially the zipper parts, but also should pay attention to the details. Zipper is an extremely common part on a backpack, but it is a very important part. Customized casual schoolbags looking for Xilong bags custom manufacturers, we have more than ten years of leisure bag production experience, and has a professional design team. For more than ten years, we have devoted ourselves to the research and development of environmentally friendly fabrics, and have bought schoolbags for many enterprises and schools. We are confident to produce products that satisfy you.
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