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What should be paid attention to when customizing children's schoolbags

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
What should we pay attention to when ordering children's schoolbags? Children's physical development is not complete. Customizing schoolbags for them should pay attention to carrying design to greatly reduce their burden, so as to ensure that children's physical development will not be affected. Below, Xiao Bian will tell you about it according to the years of schoolbag customization experience on Xilong's side--Precautions for children's schoolbag customization. What should we pay attention to when ordering children's schoolbags? 1, pay attention to the quality of materials. Children's resistance is poor, schoolbag materials should choose healthy, green, non-harmful materials, must not use inferior harmful materials, so as not to affect the health of children. Therefore, it is best to choose brand manufacturers for custom-made children's schoolbags, such as Xilong luggage manufacturers, so as to ensure the quality of schoolbags. 2, do should pay attention to the style design. Schoolbags are the witness of children's study and accompany their growth. In order to avoid increasing the load on children, attention should be paid to the design of schoolbags, such as the shoulder straps of schoolbags should have a certain width, the back cushion should have potholes, schoolbags should be equipped with belts, etc. These designs can greatly reduce the burden on children.
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