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What should be paid attention to in summer promotion bag customization?

by:Xilong      2020-03-16
Summer is the peak season for all kinds of businesses to promote sales. Many businesses will customize some promotional gifts for customers in order to attract customers, and customized promotional bags are the way most businesses prefer. Today, Xilong luggage manufacturers will tell you what points should be paid attention to in summer promotion bag customization. Let's take a look. 1. Pay attention to the coordination of budget and quality. Most businesses will not have a very high budget for promotional bags, but promotional bags will face consumers directly. The quality of promotional bags will directly affect the image of businesses in consumers' hearts, therefore, when choosing a bag style, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing a better quality in a limited budget, so as to improve the image of the merchant in the minds of consumers and enhance the brand promotion effect, to achieve the purpose of holding promotional activities. 2. The selection of promotional bags should adhere to the principle of practicality, that is, the selected promotional items must have practical value, preferably easy to use. For example, cosmetic bags and wash bags that women often go. Men's commonly used satchels, backpacks, etc. This is to make consumers feel that the promotion is a real and useful thing. They bought two things for one product, so that consumers can feel satisfied, it is also one of the purposes of promotional activities. 3. The principle of relevance, the principle of relevance, is that the selected promotional items have certain relevance or complementarity with the product itself, that is, after consumers need or must have this gift, can use or better use the product. Such as buy backpack send fold over, wash bag, small bag buy big packet delivery small bag. The purpose of the enterprise to do this is to let consumers think of the product immediately when they see the gift, and then think of the corporate image, and play the role of spreading the product and brand image of the enterprise. Promotion backpack customization recommend Xilong luggage manufacturer. Xilong luggage is a luggage industry and trade enterprise with the design, research and development of luggage products as the core, integrating the production, processing and sales of luggage. It has been established for 15 years, has a very rich experience in personalized luggage customization, has its own design board room, leather processing factory, luggage production line, self-inspection QC quality inspection department and e-commerce platform, etc, it mainly deals with backpacks, computer backpacks, student schoolbags, casual men's bags, luggage case, travel bags, tool and instrument bags, etc. The superior standard of product quality has been highly recognized by the industry, has served thousands of well-known enterprises, such as Huawei, Baidu, Huayi, Home Link, China Ping An, BYD, etc. , the products are widely used in various fields, visible strength, worthy of choice, trustworthy!
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