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What problems should high-end students pay attention to when customizing schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
High-end student bag customization for private noble schools or high-end bag dealers, high-end bag is not only the cost of high-end, its functional design is relatively ordinary bag is more reasonable and perfect, therefore, although the price of such schoolbags is relatively high, they are still favored by many consumers. Below, Xilong bags will tell you what problems should be paid attention to when customizing high-end student bags. Let's take a look. 1. Strictly select the manufacturer. The production process of high-end student schoolbags is relatively complicated, and the production technology requirements are relatively strict. Some production processes even require some special production machines to be obtained, such complicated and strict schoolbags are not what ordinary luggage factories can do. Basically, only large luggage processing factories can meet the production needs. Therefore, high-end student schoolbags are customized, in the selection of factories, we must pay attention to strict control, choose manufacturers with reliable production strength and production scale, and if necessary, inspect the factory on the spot to avoid being deceived. 2. Pay attention to the control of production costs. Although high-end student schoolbags have high grade and quality requirements, and high-demand manufacturing processes, they will inevitably lead to higher production costs, manufacturers' quotations will also increase, but customers should have a general understanding of the production cost when customizing high-end student schoolbags, so as not to deceive customers in some manufacturers' stores and overstate high prices. 3, pay attention to the number of custom, high-end student bags because of the high cost of a single, so most customers with custom needs of the number of customization is not very much, however, large-scale manufacturers have relevant regulations on the minimum order quantity. If the quantity customized by customers is very small, manufacturers will generally choose not to accept orders, however, if the production process of high-end student schoolbags is complicated and the number is not large, some difficulties may be encountered when looking for manufacturers. Therefore, if possible, try to increase the number of customizations, in this way, it is more convenient to find a manufacturer. If the customized quantity cannot be raised, it is necessary to find a specific discussion from the manufacturer. High-end student schoolbags are customized. Please choose Xilong luggage manufacturer. XilongXilong luggage is a large-scale bag, bag and advertisement backpack customization factory, engaged in design, production and sales as one of the comprehensive enterprises, it has a production plant of 3600 square meters and more than 120 skilled lathe workers. The quality control system is perfect and the production process is checked layer by layer to ensure the high quality and fast efficiency of the products, xilong bags have more than ten years of experience in the design and production of schoolbags. They can be customized according to drawings and samples. They can also customize brand schoolbags for you. They provide customized services for brand schoolbags for major schools all the year round, it is your trustworthy children's schoolbag factory.
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