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What problems should be paid attention to when choosing outdoor backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-11
For some outdoor sports enthusiasts, backpacks are essential for outdoor sports and leisure. So, for outdoor sports, what problems should we pay attention to when choosing outdoor backpacks? The following is a summary of some of the experiences of outdoor sports enthusiasts! What problems should be paid attention to when choosing outdoor backpacks? Four aspects can be explained. (1) Look at the material of the backpack is not waterproof, go out to play, it is inevitable to encounter the impact of different weather; Then, the material and fabric of outdoor backpacks are important. Whether the outdoor backpack is waterproof is one of the necessary conditions to decide whether it can travel happily in rainy and snowy weather. (2) Looking at the workmanship of outdoor backpacks, the workmanship of outdoor backpacks determines the service life of the bags, especially whether the seams of the online heads are strong and wear-resistant, which reflects the importance of workmanship. People who often carry backpacks know that the shoulder strap part of the backpack is the most easily damaged, because there are more things to carry when traveling, therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine whether the seams of the thread ends are strong, strong, wear-resistant and compressive, otherwise it is inevitable that the backpack will break during the journey. (3) Looking at the carrying system of the backpack, because it takes a long time to carry the bag on the body when traveling outdoors, the design of the shoulder strap of the backpack is best to choose an ergonomic carrying system consisting of a decompression backboard, a breathable back width, a waist buckle and a chest buckle. This style of bag will be more comfortable to carry. (4) Whether the size and weight of the backpack are appropriate or not depends on the individual. The average person chooses the backpack that suits him according to his own physical characteristics. Generally, it is best to choose the backpack that is relatively light, because we travel outside, we have to carry relatively more things, and the heavy burden will also bother us! In general, if your torso is less than 45 cm in length, you should buy a small bag. If your torso length is 45- Between 52 cm, you should choose a medium bag. If your torso length is more than 52 cm, you should pick a large bag.
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