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What problems should be paid attention to in backpack customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
With the continuous progress of modern society and the accelerating pace of people's life, hiking has become a very common thing for people, and the backpack that should be born has become a must in people's daily life. The backpack has incomparable concise appearance and functional practical design. It is very popular both on the original Riding Road and on campus, in the workplace and on travel today. What problems should we pay attention to when choosing backpack customization? 1) The fabric backpack is also called a multi-function bag, because it can hold some small accessories for daily necessities in addition to computers, and the weight is heavier than other bags, therefore, when choosing materials, we usually choose rough, strong, durable and waterproof Oxford cloth or canvas materials. 2) The material of the lining cloth should be soft and delicate as far as possible, which can play a certain role in protecting the computer. Secondly, the color should be coordinated with the bag surface, and the overall matching is beautiful. 3) Zipper, backpack generally choose nylon zipper customization more, in the choice of zipper must try to test whether the zipper pull-off is smooth without card shell; Secondly, attention must be paid to the size of the zipper when cutting the zipper. Too long a zipper will lead to unsmooth wave and pull-off, which will affect the sewing. 4) The biggest feature of the nylon thread is that it is strong and durable, so the backpack usually chooses the nylon thread seam to increase the firmness of the backpack. 5) If you want to prolong the use of a backpack, the stress part is the core and the most critical, because the stress parts of the backpack are all in straps, handles and triangles, therefore, these parts must be reinforced with reinforcing materials for reinforcement, car double line and jujube treatment during production. 6) Sewing technology, the large body of the backpack should be uniform and beautiful, the needle distance is fine, and it should not be too large; The edge of the bag, buried bag can not be crooked, wrinkle; LOGO fonts should be clear and tidy. Therefore, backpack customization must pay attention to the above six aspects. Of course, these problems can be completely solved by finding a professional backpack customization manufacturer. Xiamen Xilong luggage set design research and development, production, processing and sales integration, ten years specializing in luggage customization, welcome to consult customization.
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