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What problems do you need to pay attention to in customizing fashion luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
Luggage case is no stranger to us. It plays a very important role in our life, such as travel, business trip, etc. So, if we need to pay attention to what problems when customizing a batch of fashionable luggage case? First, the pull rod, walking wheel and handle, in the process of using luggage case, the most frequently used ones are pull rod, walking wheel and hand-held. When these places are in use, their strength is very large, then you need to pull and check repeatedly when purchasing. The main purpose of the inspection is to check the length and expansion of the pull rod, as well as the smoothness of the walking wheel, etc. Second, the material selection of the box material is very critical. In general, we need to choose bags with good waterproof performance, strong wear resistance, pressure resistance and high temperature resistance. Therefore, when choosing the material of the trolley case, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the material. Third, the box zipper, nowadays many luggage case is useless to apply to the zipper design, but if you choose a zipper luggage case, you need to check whether the zipper can be smooth, there is no gap, dislocation, etc, then check whether there is any defect inside and outside the luggage. Four, when choosing brand merchants to customize bags, the most important thing is the quality of bags, and the quality of products is closely related to the strength of manufacturers. Under normal circumstances, the products produced by powerful manufacturers generally pay more attention to details, pay attention to whether the stitching of the luggage is neat, whether the stitch length is uniform, whether the fabric is smooth and flawless, whether there is maintenance service in the later period, and so on. Here, Xiao Bian recommends you a manufacturer with very fine workmanship-- It has been 12 years since the establishment of Xilong, a custom manufacturer of bags and suitcases. It has rich operation experience and has been recognized by many well-known domestic enterprises for its exquisite technology, for example, Sinopec, TCL, Qunar, Dell, etc.
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