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What material of casual diagonal bag is better?

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
Generally speaking, the casual crossbody bag is the first choice for people in their spare time. The main reason is that the casual crossbody bag has a relatively thick and adjustable strap and a back pad with perspiration performance, so in the leisure time, it is not only convenient to load items, but also comfortable and relaxed. What material is better for making casual luggage? There are generally four kinds of materials that can be made into casual diagonal bags, such as cloth, leather, plastic and metal. The cloth has relatively strong and wear-resistant canvas and Oxford cloth, the leather has strong and durable and expensive first-layer cowhide and cheaper artificial PU leather, and the plastic has ABS, PC, EVA, etc, metals include aluminum magnesium alloy, etc. So what material of casual diagonal bag is better? Generally, the material used to make casual diagonal bags will be light and soft cloth or leather. If it is a customized high-grade casual diagonal bag, it is generally made of the first layer of cowhide. Although the first layer of cowhide material is expensive, the quality is guaranteed, and the first layer of cowhide diagonal bag is more durable, and the hand feeling is also very good. If the enterprise customizes the messenger bag gifts for its partners or customers, Xilong luggage thinks that the casual diagonal bag made of leather material will be better. On the one hand, it is the grade and sincerity, and on the other hand, it is the durability of the casual diagonal bag. If you are interested in customizing high-quality and high-grade casual diagonal bags, you can choose Xilong luggage manufacturers to customize them. Xilong luggage is an old brand manufacturer that has been operating in good faith for more than ten years and is worthy of your trust!
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