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What material is good for travel luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-13
On the way to travel, the suitcase is naturally indispensable. Suitcase styles are various, each style presents different effects, and material is one of the root causes of different styles. What material is good for the travel luggage case? The first one: ABS plastic, this is a relatively new material, ask what material is good for the luggage case, if what kind of luggage case material is the most popular in the near future, then there is no thought of ABS luggage case. Its main features are: the material is light, flexible, rigid, and can withstand greater impact. Keep the contents of your luggage case from damage. I am familiar with the fact that people are not good at profiling, and the sea water is incomparably good. ABS is also a material. It looks like this ABS luggage case is very fragile, as if it will break when touched, in fact, his flexibility and hardness are beyond your imagination. Ordinary adults have no problem standing on it, and cleaning is more convenient. However, this material is also certain, that is, it is prone to scratches, which requires your special attention. When you buy it, try to ask the seller for a cover of the luggage case, and this problem will be solved. Second: PC material PC material can be said to be much stronger than ABS material, is the strongest in the box, the price is also high. PC material surface is smooth, good-looking, the biggest feature is'Light'The second feature is beautiful appearance design. It is the most commonly used and popular hard box in the market now. It has anti-fall, impact resistance, waterproof, wear resistance and fashion. Its advantages are the same as ABS, and its disadvantages are similar. However, compared with ABS, he is more durable and resistant to falling. The third kind: cowhide material, cowhide box is very valuable, cowhide luggage case material is the most expensive, and there are many shortcomings. Cowhide is very delicate and has no cost performance; He is afraid of water, grinding, pressure and scratching. He 'd better wipe him with some essential oil when he puts it up, because he wants to ensure his texture. Therefore, the cowhide luggage case is equivalent to raising a pet. In addition to not having to feed him, others must be well served according to biological conditions. The fifth kind: pu leather material, as the name implies, is artificial leather pu material. The advantage of PU leather luggage case is that it is very similar to cowhide material, looks high-grade, is not as afraid of water as leather case, and is not as troublesome as cowhide. However, the disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant, not strong enough, and the cost performance is also preferred. The sixth kind: nylon material, nylon belongs to fabric material, stain-resistant and very wear-resistant, the disadvantage is that this kind of luggage case material is the same, it is not easy to distinguish luggage at the airport, and it is heavy, however, there is no need to worry about shipping and so on, which will bring harm to the box. After several years of use, it is still the same as before. Nylon material has the characteristics of easy washing and quick drying, soft hand feeling, good hygroscopicity, strong flame retardancy, etc. The seventh kind: canvas material, this kind of cloth is a thick fabric made of warp and weft threads, which is compact and thick, feels hard, firm and wear-resistant. However, the biggest advantage of canvas is wear resistance just like Oxford cloth, while the disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth, the canvas material is evenly colored, and some surfaces may be brighter. It looks good, but as time goes by, there is a unique sense of vicissitudes of the old. Canvas luggage case is more wear-resistant and harder than Oxford luggage case. Oxford luggage case is breathable but not waterproof, canvas luggage case is waterproof but not breathable.
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