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What material is good for producing backpacks?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
Today's backpacks, whether commercial or casual, are generally used to place laptop bags, important documents and daily items, and are gradually becoming indispensable necessities of life. With the rise of luggage customization service, many enterprises are looking for luggage manufacturers to customize their backpacks to promote their brand image in disguise, so they have very strict requirements on the quality of backpacks. What material is good for producing backpacks? Material is the most important part of the backpack, and the grade of the material determines the durability and practicality of the entire backpack. The backpack made of different materials is different in quality due to the different fiber structure and thickness of each fabric. It is usually made of cowhide, Oxford cloth, nylon, polyester fiber and other common materials. Generally speaking, nylon and polyester fiber are preferred for economical and durable computer bags. Nowadays, many enterprises will choose backpacks as gifts, which are generally applicable to middle and high-end gifts. In the face of the huge medium and high-end gift market, backpack manufacturers often cater to the needs of the market and choose nylon and cowhide, two kinds of medium and high-end materials, to produce backpacks. For now, most backpacks use nylon cloth, among which 600D nylon is the most commonly used. The appearance of the nylon backpack is crisp and stylish. The material itself has outstanding strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, deformation resistance and aging resistance, and the texture is light, which can greatly reduce the burden of the bearers. Backpack manufacturer-- Xilong luggage said that backpack gift customization is currently the most popular luggage gift customization. According to statistics in recent years, the average production of Xilong bags is 60000/year, accounting for about 60% of the gift backpack list from gift dealers and terminal enterprises, among them, a large number of enterprises in recent years include Baidu backpack, TCL backpack, Ganji backpack and other well-known enterprises. I believe Xilong luggage can also become a backpack production factory worthy of your trust.
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