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What material is good for luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-03-23
What material is good for luggage case? Every holiday in colleges and universities, luggage case has become one of the first choices for college students to transport materials, but the question bothering them is what material is good for luggage case? Luggage case is divided into two types: hard case and soft case. Hard box is the luggage case with hard material, while soft box is the opposite. Hard boxes are made of ABS, PC, PP, thermoplastic composite materials, etc. Most hard boxes have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, impact resistance, wear resistance, waterproof, compression resistance, etc. Therefore, hard boxes are more suitable for long-distance travel. The soft box is generally made of canvas, EVA, nylon, leather, etc. Its advantages are light weight, exquisite appearance and strong toughness, but it is not as good as the hard box in terms of waterproof, compression resistance and impact resistance, therefore, it is more suitable for short trips, or it is also a good choice to use it as a portable boarding case. Material 1 of luggage case: Oxford cloth material, this material is similar to nylon, which has the advantages of wear resistance and practicality. The disadvantage is that this luggage case material is the same, which is difficult to distinguish luggage at the airport and is relatively heavy, however, there is no need to worry about shipping and so on, which will bring harm to the box. After several years of use, it is still the same as before. With the increase of ABS material, the surface will be worn, it may appear for a long time after using it several times. Material 2 of luggage case: pu leather material, as the name implies, is made of artificial leather pu material. The advantage of this box is that it is very similar to cowhide material and looks high-grade, but not afraid of water like leather case, the disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and not strong enough, but the price is low. Luggage case material 3: canvas material, this kind of luggage case material is not very common, but the biggest advantage of canvas is wear-resistant like Oxford cloth, and the disadvantage is that the impact resistance is not as good as Oxford cloth, the canvas material is very evenly colored, and some surfaces may be brighter. It looks good, but as time goes by, there is a unique sense of vicissitudes of the old. Material 4 of luggage case: ABS material, this is a relatively new material, ask what material is good for luggage case, ABS is a popular fashion luggage case material recently, and its main feature is lighter than other materials, the surface is relatively flexible, rigid, impact-resistant, and better protects the items inside. Although it feels not too strong, it is actually very flexible, and the average adult has no problem standing on it, cleaning is more convenient, the disadvantage is easy to have scratches, but the last box cover is much better. Luggage case material 5: cowhide material, cowhide luggage case material is the most expensive, not cost-effective, also afraid of water, grinding, pressure and scratch, but as long as it is properly kept, the box is very valuable, and it is not environmentally friendly to use genuine leather. Material 6 of luggage case: PVC luggage, which is usually called hard box, is like a tough guy, resistant to fall, impact, waterproof, wear-resistant and fashionable, which can be said to be much stronger than ABS material, is the strongest in the box, the surface is smooth, good-looking, and will not worry about scratches due to brutal handling. The biggest disadvantage is the weight, which is about 20 kilograms. Generally speaking, many airlines are limited to 20 kilograms, which means that the box weight is half. Luggage case material 7: pc luggage, which is the most commonly used and popular hard box in the market now, has anti-fall, impact resistance, waterproof, wear resistance and fashion, which can be said to be much stronger than ABS material, it is the strongest in the box, with smooth and beautiful surface. The biggest feature is'Light'.
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