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What material is good for a shoulder bag?

by:Xilong      2020-08-22
In fact, there are many materials for shoulder bags now, such as Pu Leather, leather, canvas, polyester, nylon, etc. These materials also form a big world of different shoulder bags. What material is the shoulder bag good? Among these shoulder bags, the leather shoulder bag is very different from the ordinary bag in the price of the shoulder bag. Of course, its comfort and fashion are unmatched by many shoulder bags. Does it mean that only leather material is a better shoulder bag, while other types of shoulder bags are worse? In fact or. Which material is used to make the shoulder bag, the final effect is not the same. The canvas material is also good, and the shoulder bag made of nylon material is also good. The material itself has different performance, and the characteristics of the material are also different. For example, the surface of the shoulder bag made of PU material is generally very bright, it has a very good luster, and the cleaning of this shoulder bag is relatively simple. The materials that can be made into shoulder bags include PU leather, genuine leather, canvas, polyester, nylon, etc. Among these materials, canvas and nylon are the most durable. Compared with nylon, canvas is more durable. Compared with leather, leather is more durable and waterproof, but its price is not cheap. Which material is used for shoulder bag? Canvas itself is also one of the good fabrics. One of the features is that the cost performance of the shoulder bag is relatively high, and the price of the shoulder bag made of this material is usually lower. Among them, Xilong luggage is a luggage manufacturer focusing on the shoulder bag industry for 12 years, with a factory scale of about 6000 square meters, integrating design, research and development, production, processing and sales. If you want to customize your shoulder bag, no matter PU leather, leather, canvas, polyester or nylon, as long as you need to customize it, our Xilong bag will always be there!
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