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What material is commonly used for custom-made gift luggage case?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
The winter is approaching, and near the end of the year, the enterprises that are employees will always prepare a practical year-end welfare gift for the employees to show the humanistic care of the enterprise. In recent years, the gift luggage case is more and more favored by enterprises, it is fashionable and practical, whether it is a business trip or travel, almost can not be separated from it. However, the gift luggage case pays attention to quality. When ordering the gift luggage case, in addition to paying attention to the style design, the choice of material is also very important. So, what material is commonly used for custom-made gift luggage case? 1. ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastic with extremely wide application. Its material is light, but it is flexible and rigid, can withstand great impact, and is convenient to clean. At the same time, the customization cost of ABS luggage case is relatively low, which can meet the budget of most enterprises. But this material has one of the biggest disadvantages, that is, it is prone to scratches. 2. PC material. The luggage case made of PC material is very strong, but the weight is very light, and the surface is very smooth, which looks more classy. PC luggage case is the most commonly used and popular hard case in the market. This kind of luggage case has the characteristics of waterproof, wear resistance, fashion, impact resistance, drop resistance, etc, however, the cost of customization is also relatively high. 3. Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth belongs to linen material and is a very wear-resistant cloth material. Oxford cloth is a new type of fabric with a wide range of uses, which is specially used to make all kinds of bags and suitcases. It has the advantages of light and thin texture, soft hand feeling, good waterproof property and good durability, and the gray cloth is loose and antistatic. It is a good choice to use this kind of material luggage case as a portable boarding case. Custom-made gift luggage case looking for Xilong luggage, Xilong luggage is an old luggage manufacturer, with many years of experience in gift luggage case customization, is a top 500 enterprise luggage supplier, with excellent production strength and guaranteed product quality!
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