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What material is better for customized kindergarten schoolbags?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Schoolbags are the kindest playmates of children, accompanying their growth and witnessing their way to study. With the increasing popularity of luggage customization services, many kindergartens are looking for bag manufacturers to customize creative kindergarten bags and print brand, telephone and address information on the bags, which can not only enhance the brand image, but also conducive to brand promotion and publicity. However, it should be noted that the quality of custom-made kindergarten schoolbags should be paid attention to to avoid adverse effects on the health of children. What material is better for customized kindergarten schoolbags? 1. Fabric. Customized kindergarten bag is best to choose nylon fabric, nylon fabric feels good, comfortable to carry, wear-resistant and durable, and light quality, can reduce the daily burden of children. 2. Zipper. Zipper is a relatively easy-to-damage part. Once the zipper is damaged, the schoolbag cannot be used normally, so the kindergarten schoolbag is customized with a zipper of better quality. 3, shoulder strap. The shoulder strap of the schoolbag affects the carrying of the schoolbag and is more related to the health of the children. When customizing kindergarten schoolbags, the shoulder strap design should be possible to reduce the back bone pressure. The preferred choice for customized kindergarten schoolbags is Xilong luggage customization manufacturer. We were established in 2004. We are a luggage manufacturer specializing in customized backpacks, computer bags, schoolbags, toolkits and other products. We not only have a professional design team, with more than ten years of production experience and guaranteed quality, it is the best choice for you to customize kindergarten schoolbags!
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