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What material is better for custom-made men's casual backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
In the daily use of luggage, there are more common backpacks, shoulder bags or handbags, etc. , and men's use of luggage, more inclined to backpack, on the one hand, mainly backpack capacity, more items can be installed. On the other hand, the backpack is convenient and can release both hands, making travel easier and more comfortable. So what material is better to choose for a high-quality men's casual backpack? A men's casual backpack is made of many kinds of fabrics, such as fabric nylon, canvas, Oxford cloth, plastic PP, PC, PVC, ABS, etc, there are leather cowhide, pigskin, synthetic leather, etc. The men's casual backpack is made of leather fabric, which is good and high-grade, but the price is not cheap, so many people will not choose leather to make backpacks, and choose Oxford cloth with strong waterproof, wear-resistant and durable instead. Compared with the high-priced genuine leather, the customized men's casual backpack has better fabric made of Oxford cloth. In addition to the waterproof, wear-resistant, durable and other characteristics of Oxford cloth, it is relatively cheaper, the quality of the men's casual backpack is not too bad. If you want to order a high-quality men's casual backpack, the choice of fabric material is of course important, and more importantly, the choice of the manufacturer. In this small edition, you are highly recommended to the strong Xilong luggage, its experience is rich and trustworthy!
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