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What material choices do you have for customized electrician kits?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Custom-made electrical tool kits are a professional technical activity, and finding the right tool kit manufacturer is the top priority. However, Xilong bags should remind that no one knows what is needed more professionally than users, therefore, we also need to understand that the first step in customizing the basics of electrical toolkits is material selection. What material selection does the customized electrical toolkits have? Nylon electrician kit, nylon electrician kit, nylon is the strongest and most durable in the material of luggage. Its firmness is measured by its own density. The higher the density, the longer the durability. Generally, the kit is 1680D nylon, not afraid of scraping, not afraid of water, good protection of tools and not from the sharp tools affect the material, suitable for load-bearing and sharp tools. Canvas electrician kit canvas electrician kit, canvas is commonly used in kit customization, he re-design, general functional storage, and high cost performance, suitable for ordinary electrical supplies storage, commonly used in garden workers, electricians and other consumer groups. The above are two kinds of cloth kits. If the cloth kits are to be shaped, they will generally be made of PVC, EVA and other hard materials, this depends on the individual's demand for the toolkit. In addition to the above two kinds of fabrics, aluminum alloy tool kits are also high-profile. Aluminum Alloy Tool Kit is a high-end tool kit, which is better than the above two in material. In terms of safe storage, aluminum alloy strip and password lock will also be used to fully ensure the storage safety of the tool. The materials of the above three toolkits should be customized according to their own tools and equipment, use requirements and cost budget. Xilong bags can provide you with customized service for toolkits.
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