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What material choices do custom schoolbags have?

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Custom-made schoolbags are designed to unify the image of the school and promote the brand of the school. However, when customizing schoolbags, choosing the correct material of Schoolbags can make children happy. Parents can rest assured, and really do a good job of the school's schoolbag image. What are the material choices for custom-made schoolbags? We are divided according to grade below. 1. Kindergarten schoolbag customized. If kindergarten schoolbags are customized, polyester and cotton are generally chosen. The common feature of these two fabrics is light and cheap. Polyester schoolbag is very light on the fabric, and can design colorful cute schoolbag, suitable for kindergartens that do not need to put too many things; Cotton bag fabric is light and soft, and very cute, because cotton is'Doll' Material, so they will make many lovely cartoon characters to attract children and let them stay in kindergarten safely. 2. Primary bag custom-built. Children of primary and secondary school students are more fashionable, and the style of schoolbags is required to keep pace with the times, with many elements of youth, so primary and secondary school students choose canvas and polyester schoolbags. Polyester schoolbag is rich in color and the style is basically novel and simple; Canvas schoolbags have various styles and colorful colors, with simple camouflage style, lovely graffiti style and printing style, which are in line with the youthful vitality of young people. 3. High School students' schoolbags are customized. High school students are a group of people under pressure in China. They are full of books in the face of the college entrance examination, and the full test papers and exercise books cannot be filled out. Therefore, the requirements for schoolbags are no longer fashionable, but more practical. Nylon schoolbags are famous for their firmness in the luggage industry and are often used in outdoor luggage; Nylon schoolbags are often used for 600D, can withstand more than 10 kg of weight, storage space plasticity is strong, can be large, very suitable for high school students' living conditions. The school customizes schoolbags, considers the students from the perspective of the students, carefully selects the schoolbags that are most suitable for the students in their school, and makes the students satisfied. The students will tell their friends and tell their parents, students who are proud of the school will naturally take the school's brand with them, thus enhancing the school's popularity.
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