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What luggage case factories are there in Dongguan?

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
Travel, business trip, going home, luggage case are everywhere in life. Luggage case is a new type of luggage composed of wheels, pull rods and boxes. It has a large storage capacity, saves labor and wins the hearts of the people. There is no need for business in the market where there is demand. Many shops and merchants will customize their own brand of luggage case to sell, the company will customize the luggage case to give customers and employees as gifts, and occasionally use the luggage case as a promotional gift, make a big promotion during the tourist season such as May Day, 11th and Spring Festival. In China's luggage industry, Dongguan is one of the prosperous areas of the luggage base. It is famous for its excellent quality and standardized management. Therefore, the quality of the luggage case in Dongguan luggage base is excellent. However, with the expansion of Dongguan's reputation in recent years, many small workshops are also lurking in this treasure land. If we want to choose Dongguan luggage case factory, we must first understand the market situation of luggage in case of being cheated. What luggage case factories are there in Dongguan? Dongguan luggage case Factory is looking for a regular luggage case factory. The factory needs to have business license, luggage development certificate, relevant machinery certificate and other qualifications; The scale of the factory is either large and complete, or small and fine. In the early stage, the enterprise can check whether there is such a factory on the Dongguan industrial and commercial credit website, and can choose to conduct on-the-spot investigation after carefully selecting several luggage case factories. If the trolley case factory has not been selected at present, you can choose Xilong luggage. Xilong luggage is a professional luggage supplier integrating design, research and development, production and sales. It customizes brand luggage for enterprise groups, including backpacks, luggage cases, briefcases, tool luggage and other types. The factory is located in Liaobu, Dongguan. It has been in business for more than ten years. The Factory covers an area of about 6000 square meters, has 200 employees, 3 production lines, perfect luggage equipment and rich experience in luggage, I believe it is your choice of trolley case factory.
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