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What kinds of bags can you choose for promotional gifts?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Every year at the holidays, the long holidays such as May Day and 11th are not only a travel boom, but also countless promotional activities. Every time May Day and 11th, the promotion activities are very strange, in order to meet the individual needs of modern people, in order to attract customers to come. 'Onlookers' The promotion cost accounts for a huge part of the enterprise. Which bags and gifts can reduce the promotion cost of the enterprise as much as possible and achieve the promotion effect? The first is a women's cosmetic bag. If your main customers are women, like clothing, cosmetics industry can choose Women's Cosmetic Bag, become a lady bag. It is simple and affordable, and the luggage customization is also a cosmetic bag that accepts the customization of cosmetic bags within 500, which can be customized with low cost and high quality and is exclusive to its own brand. The second paragraph is a folding bag. Folding bags are generally made of nylon or polyester less than 600D, which can be lifted and folded on the back, and are also very convenient for traveling people. If they are promoted on May Day and May Day, can be set as a travel theme for promotional activities. The third is a casual backpack. Leisure backpack is a promotional gift commonly used in mobile phone and automobile industries. But what is more important is that the backpack is not only a leisure style, but also a design choice of business style and fashion series. The choice of mobile phone and automobile industry is mainly because it can match the grade of its own brand products, can also make customers satisfied. In fact, these three types of promotional gifts are also commonly used in mass promotional activities, which can not only save costs but also successfully carry out promotional activities, after the two are satisfied, the printing of the enterprise brand logo also makes'Living ads', External display publicity.
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