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What kind of year-end welfare enterprises and employees are satisfied

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
As the year-end approaches, enterprises have started a new round of preparations for employee welfare products. Luggage case will become the focus of year-end welfare products. What are the advantages of luggage case becoming the focus of year-end gifts? First, the advantages of luggage case itself 1. The size of the luggage case and the size of the luggage case are particularly important at the end of the year, because the end of the year is the peak period for employees to return home, they need to carry large and small clothes and New Year's goods to return home to visit relatives, while the luggage case has large capacity and convenient storage, it can just reduce the burden of the staff returning home, and when waiting for the bus at the station, it can also be used as a seat to rest for a while. 2. The wheels of the trolley case and the wheels of the trolley case are convenient to drag, saving time and labor, and can reduce the fatigue of employees returning home. Wheels are generally divided into one-way wheel and aircraft wheel. The advantage of aircraft wheel luggage case is 360-degree rotation. When in use, it can be dragged horizontally and vertically, and the dragging is silent, flexible and labor-saving; The advantage of one-way wheel luggage case is that it is fixed in one direction, strong and wear-resistant, especially on the bumpy ground. It is very durable and suitable for employees to return home by train or travel in the field. Second, the advantages of the enterprise perspective, enterprises choose employee welfare, not only hope that employees are satisfied, but also cheap. While choosing luggage case customization as year-end employee welfare, enterprises can choose materials, design and process production, and the cost is also in their own budget. The advantage of luggage case customization is that the logo of the enterprise is printed as the logo of luggage case, which reduces the homogeneity of gifts and thus promotes the brand image of the enterprise. The customization of luggage case not only takes into account the fatigue of the employees returning home, but also makes the employees feel the care and consideration of the company and enhances the sense of belonging of the employees. The choice of corporate logo gifts enhances the pride of employees and gives more exposure to the brand image of the enterprise.
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