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What kind of texture is good for a backpack?

by:Xilong      2020-04-07
What kind of texture is good for a backpack? There are many fabric choices for the texture of the shoulder bag. All kinds of fabrics will determine the texture of different shoulder bags. Which kind of shoulder bag is good? Polyester backpack, polyester backpack, polyester texture high strength, good elasticity, some similar to wool. It has strong heat resistance and does not absorb moisture. Generally, polyester shoulder bags are mainly made for leisure sports. The material is light and thin, waterproof and wear-resistant, and is not easy to fade. Polyester texture is used to make leisure backpacks, student backpacks, cosmetic bags, etc. Nylon backpack, nylon backpack, nylon texture density is high, the surface is strong and elastic, wear-resistant and easy to clean, and has a good waterproof effect, he has become the preferred material for shoulder computer bags with strong load capacity. General nylon backpack is mainly designed in pure color. The material is strong and stain-resistant, not easy to scratch, and the anti-aging property is the strongest among all backpack materials, which can be used for a long time. Generally used for high-grade backpack, outdoor backpack and cloth luggage case. Canvas backpack, canvas backpack, canvas texture density size determines the appearance of the fabric, feel, wear resistance and breathability. The versatile type of canvas backpack has always been the new favorite of fashion trendsetters. He is favored by fashion and leisure, and the colorful and diverse appearance design makes him continue to be the front line of fashion. However, his deficiency is that it is easy to fluff when used for a long time, and ordinary people will exchange bags with clothes when using rucksack. Fashion is always changing, and the texture of each backpack has its own meaning. It serves different people of each class and style. If you are an enterprise gift, according to these three different backpack materials, you can show your product positioning, promotion positioning and crowd positioning of the gift.
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