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What kind of pole box should the travel company customize to present to old customers?

by:Xilong      2020-03-22
In fact, when it comes to tourism industry. All the year round is the peak season, just how they operate and how to retain customers. Of course, this also requires certain marketing methods. The most common marketing method, of course, is to give gifts, when it comes to the tourism industry, how can there be less luggage, because when you go out, you have to bring some daily necessities to go out more or less, so today, I would like to share with you what kind of luggage case should be customized by the travel company for customers. I hope it will be of some help to you: travel is actually a very easy and pleasant thing, but there are some things we have to bring when traveling. For example, a few changes of clothes, toiletries and other essential items for travel. Bringing so many things is certainly cumbersome, but it is not superfluous. If you take a big bag and a small bag to the world, you will not only make yourself very tired, but also will not be pleasant and relaxed in the end. Then find a close-fitting luggage case and put all these unnecessary burdens in it, which becomes your top priority. You need to put all the items you like in your daily life and in your journey, then you must choose a luggage case with complete functions and good quality. You can also see your taste in life from the luggage case you use. So, what kind of luggage case is suitable? Personally, I think the first consideration should be its size. That is to say, how many things do you want to bring and what size box to use. Like luggage case, its size is basically 18'-28'( The volume size is basically 16 liters- About 90 liters, of course, there are also very large and small, here is the size type used in our life). If something is less, choose an 18'-Natural 20'(Volume size in 16 liters-32 litres)About, there should be no problem. For example, the luggage in this size range is very suitable for short-distance travel and less traveling. And as we all know, when traveling by air, there is a limit to the size of luggage, and 18'-Natural 20'The size of the luggage is completely OK. If you want to bring more things, then you have to consider 24'-28'(Volume size in 52 liters-90 litres)Yes, there is no need to say more here. If you want to know more about travel supplies, you can find us Xilong. Our travel supplies are complete in style and diversified, allowing you to choose freely, or customize the style you want according to your needs. Xiamen luggage Shanghai luggage Beijing luggage Xiamen luggage custom Xiamen luggage manufacturer Xiamen luggage order, Xiamen luggage purchase Xiamen luggage supplier Xiamen luggage style Xiamen business leisure bag Xiamen Sports Leisure bag, business computer backpack sports leisure backpack business tie rod luggage leisure tie rod luggage ODM, OEM Xiamen computer bag, Xiamen Travel Leisure bag Xiamen digital bag Xiamen mummy bag Xiamen Gift luggage Xiamen environmental protection shopping bag Xiamen fashion shopping bag, xiamen luggage case Xiamen backpack Xiamen mountaineering backpack Xiamen shoulder bag Xiamen shoulder bag, more related luggage custom information please click: Xiamen Xilong luggage website article editor: Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. Tel: 0755-25579491 Contact: Zeng Shun
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