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What kind of plastic toolbox is more durable?

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
In today's people often use bags, not only a variety of styles, but also a variety of materials. In the daily use of luggage, there are generally four categories of materials, including cloth, leather, plastic and metal. So what kind of plastic toolbox is stronger and more durable for plastic bags and bags? The production materials of plastic tool boxes are generally PC, ABS, EVA, PVC, PP, etc. Different production materials have different final properties of their bags, what kind of plastic toolbox is more durable? The first choice is light, strong and wear-resistant PC materials. Although high-strength PC plastic materials are good, the price is relatively expensive and the hardness is insufficient. Due to the price and hardness of PC plastic material, most people will choose ABS resin material when making plastic toolbox, which is lower than PC plastic material, and the manufactured tool bags are more durable. ABS resin is a thermoplastic polymer copolymer, which is made into a plastic toolbox with high strength, good toughness, strong and durable. The plastic tool box made of PC material is stronger and more durable, but the price of PC material is too expensive. Therefore, if you want to customize a strong and durable plastic tool box material, it is more cost-effective to choose ABS resin which is not much different from PC, if you customize the plastic toolbox in large quantities, you can choose Xilong luggage manufacturer to customize it. Xilong luggage will make the best quality plastic toolbox for you at the most affordable price.
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