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What kind of luggage is good for travel and play customization?

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
With the development of tourism, tourism has become the first choice for leisure and relaxation. Whether it is around the place of residence or across the ocean, travel bags play a very important role in tourism. The large trolley suitcase, the convenient and practical portable traveling bag, the relaxed and fashionable backpack, are around the donkey friends all the time, so what kind of traveling bag is good for going out? This depends on each person's different needs. Let's talk about the practical aspects of different travel bags. First, the trolley case refers to the luggage with the trolley and the roller. Because of its convenient use, carrying clothes and so on has become a travel, go out and widely used. For long-distance travel, you can choose luggage case, which is divided into soft luggage case and hard luggage case. The advantage of soft luggage case is that it is portable and affordable. The biggest feature is that it has good capacity and elasticity, compared with hard luggage case of the same size, soft luggage case can plug more things than hard luggage case. The advantages of rigid trolley case are hard material, waterproof and high temperature resistance, strong impact resistance, small damage probability, strong plasticity in appearance, and not easy to wrinkle when placing clothes. However, the disadvantage of soft luggage case is that it is not waterproof and moisture-proof, hard luggage case is not pressure-resistant and has limited capacity. If there are many transfers during long-distance travel, or if there are many fragile items and touching water machines, it is recommended not to choose a soft luggage case, which is suitable for long-term travel at a fixed location. The hard luggage case is suitable for long-distance transfer. Students go home in winter and summer vacation. Most of them are clothes and books. Using hard luggage case can avoid wrinkles of clothes and wet books. Second, hand-held travel bags, hand-held travel bags are suitable for traveling for a short time, not far away, and not much to carry. Travelers who only carry temporary changes of clothes, certificates and a small amount of food when going out. Choosing a natural and elegant traveling bag will make you look capable and agile when you go out. Travel Bag general recommendations black dark blue and dark out travel bag inevitably dust many deep tone travel bag dirty avoid appear sloppy. Three travel backpacks, travel backpacks are generally backpack, because of the strong matching, rich fabric, colorful, more sought after by young travelers. Travelers also love backpacks because they touch their backpacks with their bodies and carry them on their backs to free their hands. The travel backpack is close to the shoulder and the shoulder strap has a net model. If it is an outdoor travel, it is best to buckle the belt at the waist, and the backpack is not easy to fall off during outdoor activities. According to different environments and uses, the three kinds of travel bags can be selected to suit their own travel bags. Travel bags are indispensable in group travel. Enterprises organize activities, distribute benefits to employees and customize a travel bag with enterprise characteristics, which not only provides practical benefits to employees, but also can go out to publicize the team spirit of employees and the image of the enterprise.
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