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What kind of fabric is good for customized children's schoolbags, and the three hot fabrics should be understood

by:Xilong      2020-04-14
With the improvement of living standards now, many parents pay close attention to the quality of children's schoolbags. Although more and more schools favor customizing children's schoolbags and personally control the quality of products, they still need to start with the application fabric to customize high-quality schoolbags. So, what fabric is good for customizing children's schoolbags? Below, Xilong luggage takes you to understand the fabrics commonly used in the three major custom children's schoolbags, hoping to help everyone! What fabric is good for customizing children's schoolbags? 1. Oxford fabric interwoven with brocade Cotton: The fabric has a waterproof coating on the reverse side, which has good waterproof performance, and its texture is very fine, the surface gloss is very soft, which is very suitable for children's schoolbags to make fabrics. 2. Light oxford cloth: this kind of fabric is coated with PVC, which has good waterproof function and strong SAG. More importantly, the light polyester fabric has a very beautiful luster, and the bag is very fashionable and fashionable. 3. Two-color Starlight cloth: this kind of fabric is fresh and free from vulgarity and has two-color effect, and its fabric texture is firm, wear resistance and corrosion resistance are very strong, at the same time, this fabric uses PVC, PA, PU and other coatings, and has very good waterproof performance. These three kinds of fabrics are very popular in the market and are the best choice for customizing children's schoolbags! If you choose to customize schoolbags made of these fabrics, it is recommended that you choose Xilong bags. Xilong was founded in 2004. It has been working hard in the luggage customization industry for more than ten years. It has rich management experience and a very strong research and development and design team. It is high-quality and trustworthy!
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