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What kind of fabric custom computer bag is better?

by:Xilong      2020-04-04
Computer bags are mainly used to place laptop bags, important documents and daily items, and are gradually becoming indispensable necessities of life. With the rise of luggage customization service, many enterprises have found luggage manufacturers to customize their computer bags as welfare gifts for employees and received good results. What kind of fabric custom computer bag is better? Fabric is the most important part of the computer bag, the fabric grade determines the durability and practicality of the entire computer bag. The application of different fabrics made of computer bags, due to the different fiber structure of each fabric, the thickness is also different, resulting in different quality of the computer bag. At present, most customized computer bags are made of nylon fabric, of which 600D nylon is the most commonly used. Nylon has good strength, wear resistance, chemical resistance, deformation resistance and aging resistance, and the texture is light, which can greatly reduce the burden of the burden. Therefore, nylon is very suitable for making computer bags. Customized computer bags find Xilong luggage customization factory. We were established in 2004. We are an old luggage customization factory with rich production experience and professional team, which can help you customize computer bags in line with corporate culture.
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