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What kind of cloth should I use to make my crossbody bag

by:Xilong      2020-04-23
Which fabric is good for the crossbody bag? Diagonal bags, as bags used in our daily life, are also very common in the market. The diagonal bag is different from the briefcase, it does not need to pay attention to business. Therefore, in terms of color selection, style design and pattern design, the diagonal bag is thrown away from the monotony of the briefcase. So if you want to customize a high-quality diagonal bag, what cloth should you choose to make the diagonal bag? Next, the Xilong luggage editor will introduce it. There are many kinds of fabrics that can be made into diagonal bags, including fabric, leather, plastic, etc. In general, the most widely used cloth for making high-grade diagonal bags is cowhide in leather. The diagonal bag made of cowhide is very durable, especially the first layer of cowhide over the age of two to three. It not only feels comfortable and soft, but also has strong wear resistance and waterproof, and its price is certainly high. The cloth that uses imported PU leather as the diagonal bag is also very high-grade. Its hand feeling is similar to that of natural leather diagonal bag, comfortable and soft, and the diagonal bag made of PU leather not only has guaranteed quality, but also has richer colors, the price is relatively low compared with cowhide, so PU leather is a good choice for making diagonal bags. The leather material is better for the crossbody bag. No matter which kind of cloth is selected for the crossbody bag, it has one is wear resistance and strong water resistance, and the other is elegant appearance and soft and full hand feeling, and the texture is more upscale. If you want to know more about the fabric of the crossbody bag, you can go to our Xilong luggage official website to see more details, or you can call our official website for free, more related crossbody bags, luggage customization, in Xilong luggage!
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